Solids, Keynote, iPads and First Graders

Students in first grade are using the world around them to understand spheres, rectangular prisms, cylinders, cubes and pyramids. One of several learning activities called for small groups going on a “solid hunt” with iPads. Parent volunteers accompanied small groups of 2-3 students around the school (inside and outside) to capture pictures of solids in their environment on the iPads. This took all of one class period.

The next day the groups, with some parent volunteers, worked together to create a keynote presentation about solids around them. Two to three students collaborated on each presentation. While not directly taught, many students discovered features of Keynote like adding shapes, transitions, and backgrounds.

Some students used their math books to be sure they labeled and spelled their solids correctly.

When finished they will present their “Solid Slide Show”to their class by connecting their iPad to the projector.



Post by Margie Brown  Eanes ISD EdTecj



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