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iPad Palooza and ISTE 12 Take Aways

  1. Posted by Margie Brown, EISD EdTech @mbrowneisd
  2. Here are some Take Aways from our iPad Palooza and ISTE 2012. They were created in a tool called Storify. This year I tried something new for note taking during conferences. I posted on twitter ideas, thoughts and links that I wanted to remember.
  3. Then I went to the Storify site and just dragged any post from twitter onto my page. From there I added text, links, etc. to tell my story of ipad Palooza and ISTE 2012. Storify allows you to export your story straight to your wordpress blog (which is right here!) A very cool tool!!!
  4. Some of the entries are just ideas with a reference to who said them, some have links to resources or more information.

So….here’s my Storify…

  1. First, I want to include Debbie Smith’s reflections on ISTE. We were together for all of our sessions and most of our adventures (except my “excellent trolley adventure”).
  2. Deb’s description of the feeling of temporary suspension of reality is perfect.
    And her Take Aways are not to be missed.
  3. austindeb2003
    Almost Heaven. My new blog post on my ISTE 2012 experience.
    Sun, Jul 01 2012 17:21:32
  4. A few quotes that caught my attentionn.
  5. sjunkins
    I have yet to have a student tell me they can’t use technology in class because they haven’t received any PD on it. #ISTE12
    Mon, Jun 25 2012 06:51:21
  6. sfreking
    RT @jessievaz12: I’m not going to use the term “professional development” anymore. I’m moving to “professional learning” #iste12 #edleadership #edchat…
    Sat, Jun 30 2012 14:20:32
  7. A pearl of wisdom from Scott Meach, educational innovator and creator if iear, an Educational Apps Review Site.
  8. mbrowneisd
    Where to start with PLNs? Find one place and stick your toe in..
    @smeach #ipadpalooza
    Tue, Jun 19 2012 12:07:10
  9. The following two links are of particular interest to kindergarten teachers. Matt Gomez’s Pinterest and his Symbaloo are full of great links!
  10. The following links are from Tony Vincent’s Session at ISTE 2012. He makes organizing your life look so easy, and provides some great links and tips for doing so.
    Click on any of his links for more….Be sure to follow his Learning in Hand blog for new ideas and apps.
  11. mbrowneisd
    handout for @tonyvincent at is an infographic #4productivity #iste12
    Mon, Jun 25 2012 08:40:17
  12. mbrowneisd
    link favorite services…automating tasks
    @tonyvincent #4productivity #iste12
    Mon, Jun 25 2012 08:51:24
  13. mbrowneisd
    send emails you want to put off for a week to
    @tonyvincent #4productivity #iste12
    or Declare email Bankruptcy!
    Mon, Jun 25 2012 09:25:15
  14. mbrowneisd See if a website is down on their server or yours @tonyvincent #4productivity #iste12
    Mon, Jun 25 2012 09:32:39
  15. austindeb2003
    #4productivity #iste2012 Email bacon is not spam because you signed up for it. Filter it to avoid distractions.
    Mon, Jun 25 2012 09:12:45
  16. The Poster sessions had some great ideas.
    Our Very Own Jon Samuelson and Lisa Johnson (@ipadsammy and @computerexplore) had a 2 hour session that was continually 4-5 people deep.  “Apptivities in the Classroom”
  17. A Website with some sample research projects.
  18. Using Technlolgy as an Intervention Tool for Struggling Kindergartners
  19. Paper Turned Digital in the Primary Classroom
  20. What can you do with ePubs in the classroom?
  21. Gary Stager  is a an educational leader and consultant who’s message is “One size does not fit all.”
    Check out his site, linked above, for his presentations.
    Here is a link to a maker faire site.
    I enjoyed hearing more about Maker Faires…they encourage children to create, and make stuff, then share ideas in Maker Faires…
    What a great way to develop those 4 Cs! (Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication)
  22. mbrowneisd
    @garystager talks about recent Maker Faire event, encouraging kids to be makers. #iste12
    Tue, Jun 26 2012 11:00:10
  23.  Ian Jukes  His session, titled Beyond Literacy and Numeracy explored the new Fluencies and how to address traditional content and 21st century skills.
    He has a book (ebook?) coming out soon with more.
    Click the link to his site above for his presentations and more bout 21st Century Fluencies.
  24. mbrowneisd
    Critical skills students need to succeed : Problem Solving,Creativity, Analytical Thinking,Collaborate,Communicate, Ethics IanJukes#ISTE12
    Wed, Jun 27 2012 10:34:21
  25. mbrowneisd
    how do we have it all? Literacy is not enough, we need to move to new set of 21st century fluencies, the process skills IanJukes #ISTE12
    Wed, Jun 27 2012 11:00:32
  26. mbrowneisd
    How do we address traditional content and the 21st century skills? Standards dictate what to teach, but now how. IanJukes #ISTE12
    Wed, Jun 27 2012 10:39:55
  27. mbrowneisd
    Critical issues have very little to do with hardware and everything to do with headware Ian Jukes #ISTE12
    Wed, Jun 27 2012 10:36:52
  28. mbrowneisd
    Fluencies are unconscious acts, transparent skills @iJukes #ISTE12 Used to cultivate mental skills as processes, unconscious habits of mind
    Wed, Jun 27 2012 11:03:23
  29. Some gems from Debbie Smith (@austindeb2003)
  30. austindeb2003
    #ISTE12 One touch library – a folder on the iPad with all the important library apps in one place. @technolibrary
    Wed, Jun 27 2012 12:12:26
  31. Miscellaneous but noteworthy…
  32. mbrowneisd
    Use Frametastic app to put pictures side by side for comparison, ex. historical events, etc. #ISTE12 Dr. Lynell Burmark, Thornburg Inst.
    Tue, Jun 26 2012 14:38:55