The Single iPad Classroom Surprise Follow Up

Wow!  I had no idea that this post from last April 2012, titled, The Single iPad Classroom, would live so long.

I am noticing comments from as recently as last week.

Here’s the link to the original post. Be sure to check out the comments because many of them are very helpful and they extend the story….

Also, I am including a link to my new website which is where I’m posting recent activities and lessons.  These are a chronicle of our 1-1 iPad initiative. However many of the ideas can be applied to 1 iPad classrooms.

And here is a link to the session we did at TCEA 2013 last week, titled:  Teach Different: 1-1 iPad Immersion in Elementary.

Be sure to check out the links to all the presenters websites, there are a lot of activities, ideas and tutorials on them:

And…here’s a link to a presentation at TCEA by Richardson ISD called the One iPad Classroom. I was not able to attend it, but I heard it was really good.  I recommend their Video Tutorials link.

Thanks for your wonderful comments and for reading!!


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